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Brook Quoted in THE CONVERSATION Article

Removing dams from the Klamath River is a step toward justice for Native Americans in Northern California

Published: July 12, 2023 8.40am EDT

Quotes from Brook in article:

As Yurok tribal member Brook Thompson, a restoration engineer, stated in a recent article:

“My people have lived on the Klamath for thousands of years, and I know that the salmon today are the descendants of those my ancestors managed. These salmon are a direct tie to my ancestors – the physical representation of their love for me. The salmon are my relatives.”

It also will promote the recovery of Indigenous peoples’ homelands and lifeways. In Yurok restoration engineer Brook Thompson’s words, “We’re all focused on finding solutions to bringing our salmon back home and creating a healthy life for them. Creating a healthy life for salmon means creating a healthy life for us as people.”

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