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'O'lemoh, (Come in!):

My name is Brook Thompson and I am a Yurok & Karuk Native and a Ph.D. Student.

About me:

Brook is a Yurok and Karuk Native American from Northern California. She is a 2nd year PhD student at UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Studies. Her Ph.D. thesis is:

1) Social Science: How to integrate Indigenous knowledge into California Water Policy.

2) Nature Science: How spring and fall salmon in the Klamath River differ in nutrients and DNA. 

3) Coastal Science and Policy: A guidebook on how non-tribal organizations can work better with tribes in California on restoration projects.

In 2022, Brook received her Master's from Stanford University in Environmental Engineering, focusing on water resources and hydrology. In 2020, She graduated from Portland State University's Honors College with a degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Political Science.

Currently, Brook works part-time as a Restoration Engineer for the Yurok Tribe. Previously, she has interned for the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), The U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, West Yost Associates Engineering, The California Water Resource Control Board, and Save California Salmon.


Brook won the 2022 Native Journalism Award Winner, UNITY 2020 25 Under 25 Recipient, a 2017 Undergraduate AIGC Student of the Year Awardee, and Gates Millennium Scholar, among other honors. Find more honors and awards by clicking here. 

Brook's goal is to bring together water rights and Native American knowledge through engineering, public policy, and social action. Current fights for her include undamming the Klamath River, Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Children (MMIWC) awareness, supporting Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and encouraging women and Natives in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and mathematics (STEAM) fields. 

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