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"Brook Thompson delivers an electrifying presentation. Her keynote wove an intricate story of what it means to grow up in a culture that revolves around salmon, grieve the loss of wild salmon abundance, and organize for positive change.”
 - Dana Stolzman, Executive Director, Salmonid Restoration Federation


"Brook is a compelling and eloquent speaker who can speak to a number of important issues, including those that impact communities that she is a part of. Brook is an inspiring figure to many, and yet she is very approachable in her tone. Brook has the ability to speak directly to a subject and relay her opinion on challenges in an honest and professional manner, helping inspire an audience to action. I recommend reaching out to Brook as a knowledgeable speaker and inspiration to both individuals and communities alike."
- Serena Dressel, Coordinator of Portland State University Student Sustainability Center

"Brook is organized, diligent, and passionate about building a better future for her community and all future generations. She is an incredible public speaker who engages the crowd even when explaining complex details. Working with Brook is always a pleasure!"
- Allie Rosenbluth, Campaigns Director, Rouge Climate

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"We were so grateful to have had Brook join us as a keynote for our Future Innovators event. Her message resonated with our audience of young adults and seasoned professionals and she has a way of connecting her personal experience with her professional expertise that is deeply moving. Brook was great to work with and we hope to have the chance to welcome her back for future events!"
- Dr. Tong Zhang, Executive Director, Oregon MESA

“Brook brought a fantastic breadth of perspective to a discussion on climate change and climate justice --peeling back the curtain on much of the prevailing accepted wisdoms and mainstream approaches to climate change education and mobilization. With razor-sharp focus on the intersectional issues related to climate and social justice, a strong historical grounding in how policy happens, and a  rich lens on indigenous, traditional ecological knowledge, Brook --with an engineer's rigor and an activist's fire and passion--delivered to her audience fresh tools to think about agency around climate action.”
Tim DuRoche, Director of Programs, WorldOregon


"Brook Thompson generously shared wisdom and knowledge, deepening our awareness of how settler colonialism has disrupted Indigenous ways of knowing and their connections to place and time. In this enlightening presentation, we explored ways to advocate for Indigenous sovereignty by addressing oppressive laws, policies, and practices. We feel privileged to have shared space with Brook and grateful to further foster a reciprocal relationship with them!" 
- Joshua Thomas, Equity and Work Culture Manager, Oregon Food Bank

"Brook Thompson's talk on TEK was enlightening and passionate. Brook connected with our audience and wove her presentation seamlessly into the other presentations of the day. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and willing to engage with a curious audience. I highly recommend Brook!"
From Mark Highland, President of The Organic Mechanics Soil Company and Ecological Landscape Alliance Conference  Planning Committee Chair

"Working with Brook in the lead-up to our conference was an absolute pleasure. Her seamless collaboration and commitment to delivering a compelling presentation on Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) set the tone for an engaging session. Through captivating storytelling, concrete examples, and an evident passion for the subject, Brook not only captivated the audience but also equipped them with practical tools to reassess their perspectives and elevate their land stewardship practices. Her session was a standout highlight, leaving a lasting and positive impact on our attendees."

- Zach McElgunn, Education Coordinator, Ecological Landscaping Alliance 

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