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A massive LNG project faces rising opposition in Oregon. The quiet backer is a Canadian firm.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Find the article written by Geoff Dembicki here:

September 2020

Here is a section of the article I was mentioned in:

"Strangely, environmental critics remarked, the ad didn’t once name the project’s true owner, Pembina. It also omitted the fact that most of the corporate profits from building the terminal and pipeline would likely flow up to Alberta; that much, if not all, of the exported gas will potentially come from Canada; and that despite the inclusion of “Tribal Nations” in the lobby group’s name, no tribes in Oregon or California appear to publicly support these projects. “It’s very manipulative,” Brook Thompson, a member of California’s Yurok Tribe, which is downriver of the proposed Pacific Connector route, says of the Western States group."

'“The worst-case scenario is a spill or contaminants leaking. The pipeline is going to cross over 400 waterways, including three major rivers, mine being one of them,” said Thompson from the Yurok Tribe. If the pipe were to burst, she said, “that would be an example of something we have no control of, that happens upstream in Oregon and impacts us downriver.”'

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