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Google Earth Indigenous Languages Layer now Includes Yurok

"Users of Google Earth are now able to hear over 50 Indigenous language speakers from across the globe saying words and simple phrases and even singing traditional songs.

The project, called Celebrating Indigenous Languages, is designed to honour the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages.

For Indigenous people, language is a lifeline to culture."

- 2019 CBC story

To see the layer for yourself go here:

I was asked to be apart of the Google Earth layer for the Yurok Tribe by google. They asked for all levels of language speakers to be included, from those just learning to those who speak it as their first language and are teachers. I grew up with Yurok in my home living with Archie Thompson who was the last Native (L1) speaker of Yurok. I practice daily and have the goal of only speaking it in my home by the time I am 35. In summer of 2020 Google added a second wave of speakers to the layer.

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