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The American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) Sequoyah Fellowship Facebook Post

"The AISES Lifetime Membership program was named in memory of Sequoyah, the great Cherokee Indian who perfected the Cherokee alphabet and syllabary in 1821, resulting in the Cherokee Nation becoming literate in less than one year.  In this spirit, AISES Sequoyah Fellows are recognized for their commitment to ’mission in STEM and to the American Indian community. They bring honor to AISES by engaging in leadership, mentorship, and other acts of service that support the students and professionals in the AISES family.

The Sequoyah Fellowship offers individuals a symbolic way of embracing the spirit of Sequoyah. Individuals that make a one-time membership payment of $1,000 or more to AISES become Sequoyah Fellows."

-AISES Website

I was awarded a Sequoyah Fellowship at the 2017 AISES National Conference in Denver, CO. I am very thankful for this honor and will continue to work to improving the number of Natives in STEM. This photo was taken at the honoring ceremony where Don Motanic, a mentor of mine who placed the medal on my head as I was blessed by two elders. 


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