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November 4, 2021


Keep your eye out for my feature in the upcoming podcast that you can listen to here:

Created by the outstanding Natalie Kilmer and sponsored by Save California Salmon

A podcast about grassroots water justice in the Western United States. We interview experts about their local watersheds and how the health of our water impacts every facet of our lives and future generations.


Sub header: "How a tribal community’s health is intimately connected to the health of the river."

I had an perspective piece published by High Country News on August 24th 2021.

Please Read the full piece here:

"For those who live on the Klamath River, its health reflects the people, positioning us on the precipice of life or death. The Klamath is magical and meandering, a river surrounded by towering redwoods and mountains. But the controversy over its water has lasted for decades, and the big questions — whether to remove four dams, who gets the water during drought years — often put farmers and Natives at odds. Meanwhile, blue-green algae blooms make the river unsafe for swimming and spread deadly diseases among fish. To outsiders, the tribes’ desire to have water for salmon survival and ceremonies might seem almost frivolous, a mere “want” compared to the “practical needs” of agriculture. Most media coverage fails to express the implications of dam removal for Indigenous people."

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